Academic Year 12

Year 12 Health and Social Care students look at psychological relationships.

The Sixth Form students working towards a Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care have been examining different role models and ascertaining which to adopt for any number of given scenarios.

Firstly, they discussed how to distinguish between different role models such as authoritative, caring and loving, and mirroring and thought up scenarios in which they might be used in a health and social care context. When would it be best to take a sympathetic stance, for example, and when would it be more suitable to put on an air of authority?

This led the girls on to social psychology role-play. Using both verbal and non-verbal communication skills, they had to produce four different role-plays by the end of the lesson, taking it in turns to play a patient or child and an adult such as a nurse or a care worker.

They devised the scenarios and made the decision on which role model to use for each situation. The students recorded their set-ups to later pick out the strengths and weaknesses in each approach and discuss how they could perhaps improve their communication techniques for a better patient/carer relationship.





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