Year 10 Academic

Year 10s explore perception and vision in GCSE Pyschology.

This week, students who are taking our brand-new GCSE option, Psychology, have been working through part of a unit about ‘how we see our world’. They learnt that while eyes are responsible for vision, the brain’s visual cortex interprets the image – and this is our perception.

To illustrate how we see depth, Mr Smith took his class into the school grounds. Working in pairs, he asked the girls to stand 100 metres from each other and draw their partner. What techniques could they use to make it appear that the other student was far away? How could they realistically show depth in a two-dimensional picture?

After this exercise, Mr Smith explained how we perceive depth using monocular depth cues such as:

Height in the plane
Texture gradient
Relative size
Linear perspective

A new oil painting bought for the Psychology Room has all these features. Would the girls be able to identify them once they were back in the classroom?

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