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Year 2s squirrel around the school grounds in the first of their monthly nature walks.

For the Science strand of the Year 2 curriculum, Year 2 students have been learning how to differentiate between deciduous and evergreen trees.

Together, the class will be observing the changing seasons over the course of the year by venturing out and about in our expansive school grounds every month and noticing how the trees, shrubs and flowers alter their appearance as we move from autumn to winter and into spring.

This week, Mrs Mathieson showed the girls the leaves and seeds (conkers) from a horse chestnut tree. ‘Horses are very large and this is the biggest tree in the Thornton garden,’ she told them. The students also looked at the leaves and fruit (beech nut) from a beech before snaking around the grounds to see these trees up close.

They looked at evergreens, learning how they stay green year-round, and they also noticed how the leaves on the deciduous trees were starting to slowly turn brown. ‘They suck up a smaller amount of water in autumn,’ Mrs Mathieson explained, ‘and because their water intake slows down the leaves start to fall.’

While picking up fallen beech nuts and fir cones, the girls were thrilled to spot a pair of squirrels scampering across the grass – maybe in search of the nuts as food…


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