Academic Senior School

Year 8 and 9 Art students receive an introduction to portraiture.

Art teachers Mrs White and Mr Taplin are concentrating on portrait drawing with Senior School students this half-term.

Mrs White asked her Year 9s to source five portraits from different centuries, focusing on images where the shape of the eye was clearly visible. In class, she then encouraged students to begin drawing images of their own eyes, urging them to initially keep their work light with an H grade pencil before introducing bolder strokes as they became more confident in their work.

Year 8s also began with studies of the eye in their weekly class with Mr Taplin. He showed students a collection of images, many of which appeared to be photos when in truth they were brush, pencil or charcoal paintings and drawings. This, he said, was called photorealism. Could the girls work towards emulating the technique to reproduce images as realistically as possible?

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