Misc News

Year group representatives meet with school’s new caterers.

Our regular school council meetings are an opportunity for year group representatives to meet with Mrs Storey to discuss school issues and give feedback on day-to-day life at Thornton.

This week, the girls were invited to a taster session with our new catering team from Harrison who is rolling out a new-look and thoroughly modern menu.

Bringing Thornton’s breakfast, lunchtime and supper menus bang up to date, from now on the girls will be able to choose from ‘street food’ such as ‘posh’ fish finger butties and pulled pork in brioche rolls, plus tomato, basil and mozzarella pasta for vegetarians.

In addition, there will be pasta pots and fruit pots, plus nutritious smoothies and delicious muffins and flapjacks for pudding. Packed lunches for school trips will also be more varied – we’re talking half a sandwich or a baguette together with a pasta pot.

The girls got the chance to sample some of these wares in the Conference Room, giving a universal thumbs up to the many food choices and offering constructive feedback. The catering staff are willing to work with the students’ likes and dislikes and also to prepare special one-off menus in tandem with the curriculum. ‘Food feeds the brain’, they say, and it looks like we’ve got lots of tasty meals before us.




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