Year 6 Academic

Year 6 students study the cardiovascular system.

The girls new to Year 6 are continuing with their topic on the human body this term. They’ve recapped what they already know about the digestive system from earlier years and now Mrs Hall is steering them through the intricacies of the cardiovascular system.

Circulation, how and why blood is pumped around the body, has been the first port of call. The girls learnt that blood travels 40cm per second through arteries and 0.5mm per second through capillaries.

Armed with this knowledge, they drew outlines of their bodies, marked the position of their hearts, and set to figuring out how long it takes blood to travel from a person’s heart and down one leg to the tips of their toes – around 6.5 seconds by their calculations.

They also checked each other’s pulse rates. Could they count 60 to 100 beats per minute?

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