As the school nears its centenary year, Thornton College students are celebrating another exceptional set of examination results. Thornton has been outperforming other independent schools in the area for many years and this year’s results will confirm our position as one of the leading non-selective schools in the country for academic success.  Overall in the UK the number of A*/A grades have fallen this year, but Thornton has bucked this trend with their percentage up again at 54%.  With a 100% past rate, A*/A grades at 54% of all grades awarded with many students achieving 100% in individual modules and A*-B percentage at an exceptional 83% it is no surprise that the students were celebrating!  With results like these, it is easy to forget that Thornton accepts students of all abilities. There is not an entrance examination to join us.  

Mrs Storey is delighted to be celebrating with the girls today. “The school has an excellent reputation locally for its academic excellence, but these would not be possible without the exceptional pastoral care the school offers, the dedication of the teachers, support of parents and, above all the strong work ethic and commitment to learning among the students. These girls are incredibly ambitious and have made the most out of every opportunity afforded to them at Thornton.  I am thrilled that so many of them will still be with us in September as we open our Sixth Form next month.”  

Results overview for Thornton:

100% pass rate

83% of grades A* - B
54% of grades at A*/A
99% of students achieved at least 5 A* - C grades 

Mathematics, Science and Technology results, traditionally areas where boys excel are just as outstanding at Thornton.  A*/A grades in Mathematics stand at 42%,   Further Mathematics 86%, Biology 56%, Chemistry 56%, Physics 69% and Design Technology 100%.   

A full table of results will follow shortly.

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