Year 11 School Event

Year 11s remember their school years over traditional afternoon tea.

‘This year group has got it right,’ announced Mrs Darwin to our departing Year 11s as they gathered together for one of Thornton’s loveliest traditions – a delicious afternoon tea to celebrate the GCSE girls’ rite of passage at the term’s end.

‘You’ve all been on a journey,’ she continued. ‘Some of you have been here since Nursery while others have joined you along the way. But every one of you has grown and blossomed into confident, self-assured young ladies through the things you have learnt and the service you have given.’ She added: ‘Keep close to your hearts everything you have treasured about Thornton.’

The celebration saw Emily A and Georgia L deliver a heartfelt speech to thank the teachers as well as the Thornton staff behind the scenes and the girls each received a Jesus and Mary badge from Sister Mary Jane and Sister Claudine. It means they are now part of the Jesus and Mary community which loops right across the world.


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