Year 8 Academic

Year 8 girls reach the end of their year-long Design and Technology project to create one-of-a-kind hanging mobiles.

Since last September, the girls have been working hard to master new creative and design techniques with the ultimate aim of producing a hanging decoration of their own making.

From designing a bespoke model on paper, converting it to a template, and progressing that idea to a 3D structure, they worked through a full design process, step by step.

Taking ownership of their product, the students reviewed and analysed existing products and in the early stages they also conducted questionnaires with their target market to produce design ideas that would hit the right spot. In addition, says Mrs Warner, they drew inspiration from architecture or nature or a mixture of the two.

The girls were asked to work with three materials in one project and to explore a range of traditional and modern manufacturing tools and techniques. They had access to plywood or aluminium for the top part of the mobile and acrylic for the base (hanging parts). At their disposal they had hand tools to texture the aluminium and machinery such as a band saw, a belt sander and a plastics oven (to reshape the acrylic as many times as necessary).

Such an in-depth project gave the Year 8s the opportunity to work with a range of materials and techniques new to them and to also learn about design and manufacture, market influences and processes – all key to getting a product to its intended audience.


















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