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Senior School children face scientific, technological and mathematical challenges in a STEM-inspired Activities Week.

A cavalcade of brain-teasing activities took the Senior girls in and out of classrooms and around the school grounds this week as they tested their minds and spirits in challenges relating to the academic disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

We saw Year 8 girls working as bomb disposal officers as they figured out how to get a bomb out of a cylinder with only canes and string to prevent it from touching the sides.

Year 10s, meanwhile, had to put their engineering knowledge to best use by building the tallest tower possible from nothing but old newspaper. The catch? It had to be freestanding and it had to be sturdy enough to support a 100g weight.  

Elsewhere in the grounds, groups of students puzzled over how to measure the height of the sycamore tree by the Blessed Mother’s statue – would running a trundle wheel up its trunk help in any way? Dr Ryalls also tested the girls’ maths by asking them to construct and fly a paper aeroplane and calculate its average speed over the ground.

Other cerebral challenges included measuring the thickness of a piece of paper in a magazine, making a pendulum, building a 10cm bridge with plasticine, investigating the way energy tubes behave, and constructing a powered vehicle.

The teachers even had the girls dropping eggs out of the Science Block windows. Could the eggs survive unbroken with only a sheet of newspaper and 15cm of sellotape as protection?


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