School Trip Sixth Form

Thornton College’s new sixth formers bond over a weekend of outdoor activities.

With the opening of the school’s sixth form less than two months away, we invited our new sixth form girls to get to know each other a little better over an informal weekend of fun activities.

And so it was that 16 girls and two members of staff set off on July 1st to PGL Caythorpe Manor in Lincolnshire. There, we picked up Mr Bowman, Director of Sixth form elect, for a testing time over high wires, trapeze jumps, raft building and survival skills.

At Caythorpe, our PGL guide Andy was introduced to us and stayed with us all weekend, making sure we knew what was happening next, and how to get to the various venues. After he tried, and failed, to get us singing as we walked from venue to venue, the weekend quickly settled into a frenzy of ‘firsts’ for many of the girls.

Bonds of friendship were deepened and established as it became harder to work out the new students from the already Thornton College Y11s. It was great to see girls (and a few staff) who were scared of heights scaling the trapeze pole and walking the high wires. Our raft floated and nobody got too wet (other than the two girls who decided to jump into the freezing lake!) and we all survived in the ‘wild’ as we made ‘shelters’ and fire.

Everybody returned safe and well to Thornton and are looking forward to what the future holds in our brand-new Sixth Form. If this was anything to go by, the future looks very exciting indeed.

Report by Mr George
Thanks also to Mrs Hancock, Miss Nichols and Mr Bowman who all helped make the weekend a success.


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