Year 1 & 2 Misc

Pre-Prep girls learn about farming 100 years ago.

Over the past few days, the Year 1 and Year 2 girls have been learning all about farming and growing crops to complement their topic on food. As it’s Activities Week, things have been done a little differently.

During a visit to a local working farm, Greatworth Hall, the girls learnt a wonderful rhyme about the livelihood of farmers and added key words such as plough, cultivator, seed drill and combine harvester to their expanding vocabulary.

Mrs Mathieson asked them to consider what farming might have been like in the last century, how fields were ploughed with the aid of cart horses and how workers cut the wheat by hand with scythes. With these thoughts fresh in their minds the girls enjoyed miming a variety of farming actions on stage to music, ready to perform in front of their families.

Tying in with the farm visit, the girls also baked vanilla cookies (made from flour) and weaved wool placemats after watching a video about the origins of wool and how sheep are so expertly sheared.

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