School Trip Prep Yrs 3 & 4

Years 3 and 4 visit a living rainforest.

The grand finale of this term’s topic on rainforests for Year 3 and Year 4 girls was an exciting trip to The Living Rainforest near Newbury.

Here, two enormous tropical glasshouses house 700 species of plants, plus exotic birds, butterflies and animals. The girls could move about freely as they explored the trails through the hot and steamy jungle with a new delight to see every which way. It was amazing to get close to some of the world’s food and medicine plants and to see spectacular blooms.

They also crossed paths with free-roaming lizards, toucans, turtles, tortoises and a chameleon, plus pygmy and black monkeys leaping from branch to branch above their heads. The resident sloth named Cinnamon proved elusive, however. In the water lived stingrays and priranhas, which the girls witnessed courtesy of an underwater viewing gallery.   

The guide talked about ‘Amazing Adaptations’, telling the group how animals and birds have adapted to rainforest conditions. The black money is dark because it lives on the forest floor, for example, while some plants have leaves pocked with holes to allow the light to shine through them.

With also time to play, shop for gifts and eat a picnic lunch, the girls were unanimous in their verdict of such a special day off-timetable – they all loved it!



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