Pre-Prep girls go back to nature to produce some amazing food-related artwork.

The girls in Pre-Prep are drawing to the end of this term’s exciting Creative Curriculum topic, ‘Food Glorious Food’. To celebrate this particular learning journey they are enjoying a flourish of food-related experiences as part of the school’s Activities Week.

After visiting a working farm and seeing how wheat is grown, Years 1 and 2 concentrated on a farmer’s role in the food chain and how fruit and vegetables make the journey from seed to harvest. This segued neatly onto rural landscapes.

The girls looked at the work of British artist David Hockney, in particular his landscapes of the countryside in Yorkshire where he spent his childhood. Taking inspiration from the bright, bold colours in the book David Hockney: A Bigger Picture, they then created their own landscape collages in the same vein.

The girls loosely sketched an outdoor scene using crayons before selecting a range of collage materials to bring life and depth to the picture, all the while encouraged to employ different techniques such as overlapping, tessellation and mosaic. By using silk fabrics and tissue paper they created landforms with a 3D effect. It was wonderful to see the unexpected use of oranges, purples and pinks for hills, fields and rivers, and how individual and different all the pictures turned out.

The natural world also inspired the artwork in Reception class. The girls ventured to the school orchard to look at the tiny apples and pears beginning to grow on the trees and they strolled around the rest of the school grounds, taking photographs of different settings. Each child chose one of these images, using it as the starting point for an original picture created from a variety of dried foodstuff such as spaghetti, pearl barley, lentils, poppy seeds and sunflower seeds.

Staying with the theme, the girls also decorated a giant tablecloth with fun prints made from chopped and sliced celery, broccoli, peppers, aubergines, carrots and mushrooms dipped in paint. They can’t wait to use it at their forthcoming banquet to finish the Food topic in style!



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