Year 6 Academic

Year 6s draw inspiration from existing artwork and product designs.

The girls in Year 6 taking Design and Technology classes with Mrs Warner have been working hard this term to create and produce their own working clocks. Their job is almost done.

They studied existing designs for inspiration, researched the market to figure out the type, size and style of clocks that are most favoured, and embraced the task of creating their own felt clocks. After cutting out different-shaped patterns, the girls embellished their products with a variety of stitches, shapes and colours. Once a clock mechanism is attached to the back of their felt, they will all have a functioning clock to help them keep schedule.

The Year 6s studying Art with Mrs White also looked at existing work to help them shape their ideas and creative pieces going forward. Alongside Mr Taplin (new Art teacher) they visited the GCSE exhibition in the Assembly Hall to look closely at the Year 11’s work and replicate some of the inspired pieces on display.



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