Academic Year 3

Year 3s shout about their talents on the petals of a homemade water lily.

The Year 3 girls enjoyed mixing a PSHE lesson with a science experiment this week. Mr Smith asked them to think about their qualities and talents and all the special things they do and write them on the eight leaves of a paper water lily.

They folded the petals inwards to resemble an octagon shape, ready to float their homemade creations on the fountain at the front of the school. Once the lilies were in the water, the girls discovered how the petals opened out when absorbed by the liquid. In the process, the girls’ words revealed themselves, in turn showing themselves to each other and celebrating the fact that ‘it’s good to be me’.

To determine whether the size of a lily makes a difference to how quickly it opens in the water, the pupils also cut out three different-shaped paper lilies and Mr Smith placed them in the water. Would the smallest or the largest open first, or would the girls find no scientific pattern to their investigation?

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