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Superior General of the Religious of Jesus and Mary engages with Thornton’s staff and pupils.

It’s been an honour to have Sister Monica, Superior General of the Religious of Jesus and Mary, and Sister Carmen, her assistant, fly out from Rome to spend a few days with us this week.

This was the Sisters’ first visit to Thornton and they toured the entire school, meeting and chatting with staff and pupils alike at every turn. Reception boys and girls were delighted to sing and dance for our very special visitors in the Expressive Arts Suite and the Sisters were especially pleased to see Year 1 girls display such an avid interest in reading when they popped into the library.

Students also shared their joy of music with a delightful recital in Red Hall for our guests. Pre-Prep girls sang When Your Father Made the World with Miss Firstbrook on guitar and we also listened to accomplished performances from the school’s cello ensemble, Louise (Year 8) on the violin and Maya (Year 10) playing sax.

In between visits to both the Prep and Senior classrooms, Sister Monica delivered an inspirational speech to staff about the birth of Claudine Thévenet’s campaign to educate and care for the young and poor.

The Sisters have been in office at the Religious of Jesus and Mary’s headquarters in Italy since October 2013. During their six-year tenure they visit every community in which the congregation is present. Thornton College is the only school in the UK but there are Jesus and Mary education establishments, youth centres and dispensaries in 29 countries across the globe.


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