Academic Year 7

Year 7s learn how to code and programme the BBC micro:bit.

Like hundreds of schools up and down the country, Thornton College has taken receipt of the BBC micro:bit as a teaching resource. Up to one million of these pocket-sized codeable computers have been delivered free to every Year 7 student in the UK as part of the BBC Make It Digital initiative.

The objective is to encourage a new generation of young people to get creative with technology, putting them on the right path to perhaps becoming the coders and programmers of the future.

Our Year 7s got their hands on their micro:bits for the first time this week with Mr Cousins giving the girls the opportunity to download the programme they’ve been working on to the tiny computer. It features five rows of LED lights which they programmed to display individual letters to spell out words as they scrolled across the screen.  

The BBC micro:bit can be programmed in many other different ways. As well as a gaming device it can be a smart watch or a fitness tracker for instance. All students and teachers need do is visit to access one of the code editors. The website also features resources and tutorials for students to carry the computer’s potential even further.




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