Whole School School Event

Thornton welcomes new pupils and teachers in a get-to-know-one-another fun day.

It is customary for us to prepare new students, current pupils moving up, plus new teachers, for the next stage of their school life in September. This year was no exception and we orchestrated a fantastic day of meets and greets and team challenges to break the ice and encourage children and staff alike to forge new connections.

At the beginning of the day, form tutors bid hello to their new pupils and introduced themselves. At the end, staff engaged with parents over informal talks and chats. In the interim, the upcoming Year 5 and Year 6 girls took part in benchball, an energetic game to develop their throwing, catching and passing skills and also designed to foster greater communication with new classmates.

In another area of the school, head of Year 7 Miss Nichols initiated an enjoyable team challenge for the year group. Supported by Mrs Eaves, Mr Taplin (new Art teacher) and Mrs Broad (new Director of Music) she challenged the three new Year 7 classes to think on their feet.

They had to board a fictitious plane in alphabetical order for example (without talking) and cross a crocodile-infested beach with only hula hoops as protection. Getting into a muddle when it came to spelling out SOS with their bodies only contributed to the fun and great sense of camaraderie so much in evidence throughout the day. 

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