Year 5 School Event

The case of the pink painted poodle.

Our current Year 5 students, plus visiting pupils looking to join the school, got a taste of how mad and fun and, crucially, how inspirational Science teaching is at Thornton College when we hosted an afternoon of lab-based learning.

New Head of Science, Mr George, plus Head of Psychology, Mr Smith, put their heads together to produce a thrilling case of whodunit.

It went like this. Mrs Rowbottom, one of the school governors, had been visiting Mrs Storey and had left her beloved pet poodle, Miss Froo-Froo, in Central Hall during her meeting. However, on her return she was horrified to discover her favourite pet had been spray-painted pink!

Were the students up to the challenge of helping her hunt down the culprit? Could they become forensic scientists and carry out a series of crime scene investigations to whittle the four suspects down to one?

Over the next few hours, the girls worked in ‘Holmes’ and ‘Watson’ teams to work on four pieces of evidence.

They analysed a fingerprint left at the scene of the crime and conducted chemical testing to identify the type of shampoo used on Miss Froo-Froo. They carried out chromatography testing to figure out which of the suspects’ pens might have been used to write a poison pen letter left on the piano in Central Hall. Finally, the girls performed trace testing on the suspects’ clothing.

The results of these tests pointed the finger at one culprit and one culprit only… had the investigators got it right?


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