Academic Year 6

Year 6 CLIL students re-enact the tale of The Trojan Horse.

Year 6 students have been studying Ancient Greece in CLIL (Content Led Integrated Learning) lessons, with Mrs Eaves and Mrs Macleod charting the key events, figures and places from this civilisation through the French language.

Already, the girls have soaked up a bundle of facts about the Greek soldiers’ way of life and the two powerful cities of Athens and Sparta. More recently, they’ve enjoyed learning about the Trojan horse, so much so that this week they retold the myth in their own way.  

The girls created a boat and a huge (cardboard) horse of their own and raided our costumes department for a crown for Paris, the Prince of Troy, and gown for Helen of Sparta, plus swords and soldiers’ battle armour.

The girls then staged a fabulous mini drama in the open air, accompanied by eight narrators recounting the story (in fluent French) of how the Greeks constructed a huge hollow wooden horse to gain entrance into Troy during the Trojan War.  



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