Academic Year 7

It’s a Medieval life for Year 7 students.

Mrs Lewis is rounding off a year of History lessons with a backward look at life in Medieval times. She has reserved the final few weeks of term to introduce her Year 7 students to a fascinating period of history, best remembered for its invasions, new kingdoms, the Crusades and calamities such as famine and the Black Death.

In a series of mini projects, the girls have looked at different aspects of this society between the 5th and 15th centuries. To date, they’ve discussed the role of the church – and heresy within it – including the murder of Thomas Becket, who was Archbishop of Canterbury until his murder. They’ve also explored heraldry, spurring them to create their own family coat of arms.

The peasant revolts that occurred in the kingdoms have been covered and the students have now moved on to Doom paintings, many examples of which survive on walls in Medieval churches. As a homework task, the girls have created some fantastic Doom-like creations of their own, among them Heaven and Hell represented on a homemade cake and also depicted on both sides of a sweatshirt!  

Crime and punishment in the Middle Ages is the next mini topic on the agenda.




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