Year 10 School Trip

GCSE students collect data on tourism.

As part of GCSE Geography, Year 10 students are required to undertake fieldwork to collect data about one of their modules. This controlled assessment counts for 25 per cent of the final grade.

This year, the brief was ‘To Investigate Tourism in Honeypot Sites’. To this purpose, the girls embarked on a journey to Oxford on Wednesday 15th June to collect data on the city via a number of means and techniques such as questionnaires targeting both local people and visitors, litter surveys and noise pollution measurement.

Year 10 pupils Amy H and Ellena P report back:

‘Oxford is filled with multiple honeypot sites which are sites that attract high numbers of tourists. We collected data in a range of ways, such as environmental surveys, traffic surveys, pedestrian counts and questionnaires, which are ways that will help us to investigate our various hypotheses.’

Now back in the classroom, the girls’ task over forthcoming weeks is to pull their results together and write a 2,500-word report detailing their methodology, data analysis and evaluation, along with maps, graphs and diagrams.



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