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Bus Stop Division and Averages.

Prep School students are really getting to grips with their Maths topics this half-term and becoming increasingly confident in tackling some challenging problems.

Mr Holmes has been recapping on division with our Year 4s. ‘If you know how to share, you know how to divide,’ he told the class as he began a lesson by inviting the girls to work out the answers to a series of Maths questions using the interactive whiteboard. Could they share out footballs equally between two people? And could they place 18 pieces of fruit into three boxes in equal measure? With the girls’ confidence growing by the minute they were ably placed to progress to the bus stop method of division – with a flurry of correct answers.  

Year 6s, meanwhile, have had a sweet finish to their topic on averages. Mrs Darwin gave each girl a handful of Smarties which they separated into different colours and counted to produce data on different averages. Independently, the girls worked out the mean, median and mode for their sweets before pulling all the results together to draw conclusions from the data.







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