Prep Yrs 3 & 4 Academic

Tribal headdresses replace school boaters – for a limited time only.

The Year 3 and Year 4 students have already learnt so much about the location of the rainforests of the world and what they can expect to find there in terms of plants and animals.

In Creative Curriculum this week, they moved on to the indigenous people who live in these habitats. They focused in particular on the Kayapo tribe, a group of native Brazilians who live in huts in scattered villages in the Amazon Rainforest.

After looking into their customs and day-to-day life, the girls examined the colourful appearance of these people and the distinct tribal patterns they use when painting their bodies and faces.

The Kayapo men wear flamboyant headdresses dressed with feathers radiating outwards to represent the universe. The girls replicated this ceremonial attire by creating their own headdresses which they embellished with feathers and beads and decorated with intricate Amazonian-style patterns.




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