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Reception girls get a taste of food from around the world.

Mrs Stratford’s class is now knee-deep in this half-term’s topic – Food Glorious Food. In the past few days they’ve been introduced to a variety of new flavours, spices and textures from different continents to develop their knowledge of the food that’s eaten on a daily basis across the globe.

We were honoured to receive a delicious home-cooked Zimbabwean stew from Makayla’s family on Tuesday. The girls devoured the chicken dish, accompanied by healthy black kale and sadza (cooked white maize), with relish. This meal is eaten on a regular basis by families in Zimbabwe and other parts of Southern Africa and Makalya showed her classmates how to eat without cutlery by expertly scooping up the meat with the sadza in her right hand.

The following day it was a delight to welcome Dr Patel to the Reception classroom. She introduced the girls to a range of spices used in everyday Indian cuisine – garlic, fresh ginger, cumin, ground coriander, turmeric, chilli powder and homemade garam masala. Together, the group gamely sampled Indian appetisers, among them cassava chips and just-made popadoms. The star turn, though, was a straight-from-the-oven chicken curry dressed with fresh coriander and served with rice. It was wonderful to see all the girls trying new and exciting flavours, opening their eyes – and tastebuds – to ingredients from the four corners of the world.  

In Activities Week (beginning 4th July) the children will continue their culinary journey by sampling food from Vietnam, Thailand and Italy. 

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