All Prep Pupil Achievement

Student body votes for incoming Prep School House Captains.

Presentations have been made, posters displayed and the votes have been cast. This week, the current Year 5 students keen to take up the mantle of House Captain in September brought their campaigns to a close with heartfelt speeches on their attributes and skills and why they would make a wonderful leader.

Standing in front of their fellow House members, they talked about how they would be a team player and work with the Senior House Captains, how they were hard-working and reliable, and how they would energetically pursue some fabulous fundraising ideas.

Before the girls in Year 6 and the years below cast their votes Mrs Bell (Cavendish) said: ‘We’ve heard from some superb candidates, but what are we looking for? We’re looking for girls who are determined and brave, girls who have ideas and are prepared to put themselves forward.’

And the successful candidates after the counting of votes? Jasmine S will be Tyrell’s Captain, supported by Cordie C. Cavendish members have elected Georgia C as their new Captain, with Victorious E as her Vice. For Ingleton, Isabelle K will be the new leader with Amy B as her right-hand-lady.

Mrs Darwin congratulated all the girls who put themselves forward for the roles and stood in the spotlight. Addressing the elected girls in Prep School assembly, she added: ‘This is a huge responsibility. You are now role models in both the Prep and Senior school and it is your job to be respectful, helpful and good listeners.’

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