Junior School Assembly General

Pre-Prep and Prep School hear about the value of teamwork.

This week, we invited Natasha from Milton Keynes Bridgebuilder Trust to lead our Pre-Prep and Prep School assembly in the school chapel.

She brought with her the message of what makes great teamwork and how it’s so beneficial and, ultimately, rewarding. Showing rather than telling, though, our visitor (a regular to Thornton) underscored the conversation with a light-hearted game – with sweeties as the prize!

She invited two willing volunteers – Abigail and Evie – to collect the sweets, one at a time, from two pots. The catch? She positioned one cache of goodies to the left-hand side of the chapel, the other to the right, and neither girl was allowed to let go of a dog toy while trying to reach the treats.

It was only after much pulling and pushing like tug-of-war (and no sweet in sight) that the girls and their watching audience concluded that this game needed teamwork. Together, both Abigail and Evie could have moved to the left and then to the right to collect their prize and both be a winner.

‘There are times when we struggle to do things on our own, sometimes we should ask for help,’ Natasha said as she spelled out that the letters in the word 'team' neatly come together in the phrase ‘together (t) everyone (e) achieves (a) more (m)’.



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