Year 10 Academic

Senior Biology students take a close-up look at plant and animal cells.

Dr Parker has been encouraging Senior students to become more familiar with a microscope while working through their current module on cells.

In a practical lesson, the girls removed the epidermis from an onion, stained the skin cells with iodine (to pick up the cell parts more clearly), and magnified the specimen. The exercise put them in a position to observe the plant cells in fine detail, draw a diagram of what they could see, and label the various parts, the nucleus for example, and the vacuole and cell wall.  

Students then examined cells from elodea (pondweed) under the microscope to again draw what they saw – chloroplasts in particular. Finally, they each took a swab from their cheek and examined the animal cells in magnified detail, picking out and labelling visible parts on a diagram.


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