Academic EYFS

Reception girls tuck into their tasty new topic – Food Glorious Food.

It’s been very much a sweet week for the girls in Reception class as they’ve begun to explore food in all its incarnations.

To begin the topic, they held a democratic vote to determine what the indoor play corner should become over the next five weeks – a bakery, café, ice-cream parlour, grocery shop or kitchen. The bakery won out and the girls have since transformed the role-play area into a space fit for any baker worth his (or her) salt.

In tandem, Mrs Sinnott recruited the girls to help her make an ice-cream van from a giant cardboard box, painting it yellow, and decorating it with home-made bunting and shutters. It will be out in the playground until the end of term as another vehicle for role-play.

Also this week, Mrs Stratford introduced her class to Italian painter, Guiseppe Arcimboldo, who was born almost 500 years ago. He is best known for his portraits of human heads made entirely of fruits, vegetables, plants and flowers, and fish. After examining the artist’s highly-visual work, the girls copied his unique style by drawing their own fruit and vegetables on paper to create a portrait.

Then came the fun part. They halved and quartered (always using mathematical language) a selection of fruit and vegetables to recreate their pictures in the style of Arcimboldo. With the top of a pineapple doubling as spiky hair, mushrooms for cheeks, bananas resembling smiley mouths and apples and oranges in the place of eyes, they all produced some delicious-looking art!  



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