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12-medal haul for Thornton’s Prep School athletes.

Congratulations to all our athletes who performed so brilliantly in the fifth annual St Teresa’s Junior Athletics Championships.

The event, held at Stoke Mandeville Stadium, attracted 27 schools this year. We fielded three strong girls teams – U11s, U10s and U9s – who came away with 12 bronze, silver and gold medals between them. We're also thrilled to announce that Thornton ranked fourth overall. What a fantastic achievement considering the event was for boys and girls and, naturally, we had girls' teams only!

The medal winners:

Victorious D: 75m gold; triple jump silver; relay gold
Izzy G: 150m bronze; high jump silver
Skye H: triple jump gold
Issy K: long jump gold; relay gold
Stephanie P: long jump bronze
Jasmine S: 150m bronze; relay gold
Hannah S: relay gold 


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