Academic Year 9

Year 9 students create fresh soundtracks for big-name movies.

Our Year 9 students have become versed in creating and writing instrumental and vocal music over the past three years in their weekly music lessons with Mrs Sherry. In recent weeks, they have turned their talents to the business of movie score composition – a particularly useful exercise for the students who are continuing with music to GCSE level.

To kick-start the process, the girls listened to different movie soundtracks to become better acquainted with the flow of the music in each and how various types of music can be used for different scenes and events. In pairs, they decided which movie trailer they’d like to write a movie soundtrack for and listened to the existing soundtrack, plus soundtracks from movies in a similar genre, paying particular attention to how the music corresponds to the setting, mood and characters.

Once they had got into the rhythm of the film, it was time to begin crafting a short composition using the keyboard and percussion instruments to suit their trailer. Some of the girls chose Maleficent, others Jurassic World. Once satisfied with their pieces, they recorded the tracks and played them in conjunction with the trailers.


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