Senior School Academic

Year 7 and 8 students embrace new artistic techniques as they work with fabric, clay and a heat transfer printing press.

Head of Art Mrs White has been introducing Thornton’s Seniors to a wide variety of tools and techniques in the girls’ weekly Art classes.

In an ongoing project, our Year 7 students have been developing and linking their painting, colour and line work. They began by independently looking at images of different landscapes – inspiration for their own simple landscape drawings. From these, they have begun to create modern pieces of work by weaving coloured one-centimetre-thick strips of fabric into an A5-sized template. The idea, says Mrs White is to create an abstract landscape: ‘I want to see pink clouds, for example, and blue mountains. It doesn’t have to be realistic.’

Once finished, the girls’ woven canvases will be pulled together and made into a large panel, ready to be hung in the school assembly hall.

In a very different vein, Year 8s have been modelling air-drying clay into mythical or unusual beasts, the Siamese fighting fish for example, and finishing their creations with acrylic paints.

The year group has also enjoyed getting to grips with the school’s heat transfer printing press. With animals as the generic theme, the girls first painted their design on paper before transferring the image to a manmade fabric such as polyester via the press. Their next task is to use this fabric to make a one-of-a-kind cushion cover over forthcoming weeks.



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