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Boarding girls and their ‘home from home’ families enjoy a fantastic half term of social activities.

We have had some lovely trips out at the weekends here in the Boarding House. 

Straight after the Easter break, we started our first weekend of fun with a visit to Whipsnade Zoo. We saw baby giraffes, meerkats, rhinos, brown bears (which looked very cuddly), flamingos, penguins and some very cheeky monkeys! Maria even had a very close encounter with a lemur! While enjoying a warming hot chocolate we were also thrilled to watch the elephants walking through the zoo one behind the other – a truly wonderful sight.

Another Sunday, the girls headed off to Planet Ice in Milton Keynes for a spot of ice skating. It was wonderful to sit and watch the girls helping each other on the ice and enjoying themselves over three hours of icy fun. The following week, we all enjoyed a trip to the cinema. The girls had the chance to indulge in a spot of shopping before choosing three films. Jungle Book proved very popular with almost everyone.

To round off this half term with style we had an early start last Sunday with a 7am wake-up call for a coach trip to none other than Thorpe Park. The girls were very excited about the prospect of all the exhilarating rides waiting for them. No sooner had we got into the park than they were off in their groups with Miss Burton, Mrs Pollard and Miss Hollins.

I was very amused when at 4.30pm all the girls came back to the meeting point with very wet bottoms, as they had all left the Tidal Wave to the very last ride! They got back on the coach rather soggy but incredibly happy after their superb day. 

Next half term we’re looking forward to the Warner Bros Studio Tour to explore the world of Harry Potter, plus visits to London Eye, Cambridge and a pool party. 

Mrs Cowper

This week, Thornton’s flexible and weekly boarders joined termly boarders for an exciting evening getting batty about bats! We were visited by a representative from the North Bucks Bat group, Mrs Rhona McLaughlin. She is a licensed bat handler and brought along a bat unable to fly and in need of care. We went to the church at the front of the school to look for bats in their roost in the loft and we explored the school grounds with bat detectors to listen to the high frequency calls made by the bats to detect their prey. We were fortunate enough to see multiple bats flying between the trees.

Dr Parker


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