Prep School Junior School Assembly

Year 6 students lead assembly about being able to say sorry.

Mrs Darwin and her Year 6 form shook up the traditional assembly format this morning with an inspirational show rather than tell message.

The statement for the forthcoming academic week is ‘I know how to show I am sorry’. To convey this in the weekly active worship in the school chapel, the girls staged a mini performance about the life of Zacchaeus, a lonely tax collector who had become rich through extorting a great deal of money from the people. When Jesus visited Jericho and declared he would stay at his house, Zacchaeus showed he was sorry by promising to give half his wealth to the poor and to repay fourfold anyone he had cheated.

By expertly recreating this story, the Year 6s said that it is not always easy to convey that we are sorry. We know how to say it, but can we always show it? 

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