Year 4 Academic

Watching what we eat is very important – in France as much as in England!

C’est bon ou c’est mauvais pour la santé?

This is what Year 4 students have been deciding in their French lessons as they finish the last chapter on the topic of Health Living. Over the past few weeks, the girls have learnt a raft of new vocabulary for healthy (and unhealthy) food, plus adjectives to describe specific items. In tandem, they’ve practised writing and saying sentences about sporting hobbies, such as swimming and horse riding, all beneficial to good health of course.

Pulling both strands together, this week the girls rehearsed mini sketches in pairs to describe what they eat and their pastimes on three different days of the week. After some wonderful performances, they went on to create colourful posters peppered with lots of French commands to advertise how to maintain a good diet and healthy lifestyle.

Next half-term, the Year 4s will be moving on to the new topic of animals.


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