Music All Prep

We celebrate our Prep girls’ musical progress and achievements.

Some of our Prep school girls have only had four music lessons with Thornton’s peripatetic teachers while others have been playing an instrument for several years. Yet no matter their level of music knowledge and expertise, all the young ladies in our annual instrumental concert gave tremendous performances.

The show kicked off with a succession of piano soloists and continued with students playing the cello and the flute and also singing in clear, crisp voices.

We heard children’s favourite tunes like Mary had a Little Lamb and Jelly on the Plate alongside the charming Edelweiss (Rodgers and Hammerstein) and the movie soundtrack for Star Wars. Members of the Prep School Orchestra also demonstrated just how brilliantly they are working together with a rousing rendition of Sailor’s Hornpipe.

‘There’s a lot of natural talent in the school,’ said Mrs Darwin, ‘and so much variety between the pieces. It’s clear the girls have done a lot of preparation and practise for this event.’ She also thanked the peripatetic music team and Mrs Sherry for their fantastic work in promoting music within Thornton. 

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