Year 6 Academic

Year 6s peek into the life of Mrs Maricho and her desire to help children.

Year 6 students have been studying the inspirational life and work of Mrs Maricho in their Religious Education lessons. They’ve discovered how this Philippines-born lady, who became a highly successful banker in Manila, felt there was something missing in her everyday existence.

As a young girl, she had been part of the organisation, Mission Together, and she remembered its motto of children helping children. Her desire to help those less fortunate than herself and give her life greater fulfilment prompted her decision to retrain as a teacher.

She subsequently moved to the poor island of Natandol and, with the help of a group of missionary Sisters, set up the first and only school there to teach all 600 of the local children.

To showcase all they have learnt about a woman who gave up everything to help and educate the young, the girls have been working on posters to flag her achievements, ready to present them to their classmates.


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