EYFS Academic

Year 2s explore the great outdoors on Thornton's doorstep.

Mrs Mathieson is a big fan of the great outdoors and likes nothing better than taking her Year 2s out and about in the school grounds to see what can be discovered from being among the trees, plants and wildlife in the local environment.

As the class is now studying pollination and the life cycle of a plant, she seized the opportunity to lead a Science lesson in our beautiful apple orchard. The girls pretended to be bees as, bottoms in the air, they sucked up the sweet nectar from a plant before transferring the pollen stuck to their legs to the stamen in the centre of the next flower. While grouped around a baby apple tree, they looked at the blossoms and talked about how the fruit is formed and how the seeds lie inside the fruit. 

They then collected dandelions which were taken back to the classroom to learn more about the life cycle of the dandelion and seed dispersal.

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