Year 11 Misc

Year 11 students have reached the end of a series of enlightening career talks.

Thornton’s Year 11s have received advice about a wide range of industries and the various jobs within them to help them make informed decisions about future A level subjects and possible career paths.

Among visiting professionals, students heard from a law lecturer from Buckingham University who visited the school to give an informal talk on the steps towards a legal career. In other sessions, representatives from the police held Q&A sessions with the students and a physiotherapist gave an account of the day-to-day challenges that are part and parcel of the job.

Miss Try, who studied graphic design at University and is now an art director in the magazine industry, also gave up her time to give the girls a flavour of what it is like to work in publishing. Her role now involves her casting models, scouting locations as far flung as Monaco and Brazil, and managing fashion shoots. However, she added, it takes lots of people working together to create a magazine. Journalists, editors, account managers, web developers and photographers, for example, all learn from each other and their roles are becoming increasingly integrated. 

The Rt Hon Mr John Bercow, MP, also visited the school to talk to the girls about his day-to-day life as both a local MP and the Speaker of the House of Commons and what a career in politics can entail. Touching on governmental issues and topics that affect the youth of today now and in the future, he talked about the importance of being a good role model, what makes great leadership, and how to be an effective communicator.

He also stressed the importance of finding a career you love. ‘Do for a living something you enjoy for its own sake. I love what I do for a living. What is it that will give you pleasure and happiness,’ were his parting words.

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