Whole School & Nursery

Thornton girls prepare to launch a magazine they can call their own.

Year 10 pupil Anastasia L is spearheading the introduction of a termly newsletter, written by the pupils for the pupils. Already, she has recruited an enthusiastic team of almost 40 Senior and Prep School girls to write book and film reviews, global news and horoscopes, as well as edit articles and submit photographs. The first edition will also feature reports on sports fixtures and quirky tips and facts about school life.

Mrs Newman is lending her support to the initiative and Mrs Storey has given her blessing to put it on the school website and to circulate print copies. However, Anastasia is quick to say: ‘This is not for teachers, it’s for us. It’s about pure entertainment.’ The first edition, she is adamant, ‘has to be amazing.’

The yet unnamed eight-page paper is due to launch by 7th June and any student within Thornton is welcome to contribute their thoughts and ideas as the voice of the school.


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