Year 10 & Year 11 Misc

Year 11 students finish their coursework for their Design and Technology exams.

It’s with a great sense of accomplishment (and perhaps a little relief) that Thornton’s Year 11 Design and Technology students can lay down their tools, for they have now officially finished their GCSE practical work.

Out of 10 different themes, the majority of the girls opted to design and build a storage item in Year 10 and some type of lighting installation to conclude this year.

Working within these parameters, students had to decide on their market and design a product that fitted the needs of that particular demographic. For both pieces of work, an important part of the examination was to present this research and map out the products in their early planning and design stages. Plus, students had to evaluate the effectiveness of their designs and, of course, showcase their technical competence in putting them together. The results are stunning – both individual and beautifully crafted. 

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