Music Performance/Concert

School’s cello ensemble stages impromptu concert with peripatetic teachers.

The melodic sound of the cello filled Central Hall yesterday lunchtime as members of our cello ensemble joined forces with external cello players to delight teachers and pupils with a skilled repertoire of pieces.

Peripatetic music teachers, Mrs Scurr and Mrs Tollervey, invited other members of their adult cello ensemble into Thornton to stage a masterclass with our musicians, partly to inspire the girls, partly to build up their range and learn new skills and techniques.

Cellists Amy B (Year 9), Sophie L (Year 10), Suah L (Year 8) and Lucy B from Year 6 played tunes ranging from Loch Lomond to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang as pupils from Year 5, Year 6, Year 1 and Year 3 broke out of lessons for a short while to watch and listen, along with teachers.


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