American guest speaker shares personal stories and original piano compositions with Thornton staff and students.

American music producer and speaker, Jimmy Mitchell, (follow him @jimmypmitchell) has been travelling around the Diocese of Birmingham and Northampton this Lent, spreading the Christian word to schools and organisations.

This week, he led Year 5s to Year 11s in an inspirational service of reconciliation in preparation for Easter. In an engaging and heartfelt presentation, the Nashville-born evangelist talked about his childhood retreats in the North Georgia mountains and how he fell in love with God. ‘Without any shadow of doubt in my heart and in my mind each one of us is cherished and treasured,’ he told the girls in between playing original piano compositions about the creation of heaven and earth and the battle of good over evil.

Opening up about the broken moments in his life such as the death of his brother, he went on to reassure them that it is never too late to make sense of tragedy and difficult times and it is always possible to heal wounds, no matter how deep, and to turn weakness into strength.

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