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Annual enrichment day celebrates school’s talent and spirit.

Congratulations to Ingleton House for winning Time to Shine 2016. Thornton’s annual enrichment day celebrates the best of our pupils’ skills beyond the academic curriculum with every girl invited to participate in a performance or non-performance-based competition.

We saw Ingleton go head-to-head with Cavendish and Tyrell in a thrilling display of music, dance, speech and drama. Year 2’s Eleanor P opened the event with a beautiful rendition of The Bonnie Banks O’ Loch Lomond, for which she earned first place for Cavendish.

Following on, Years 3 and 4 wowed the audience with assured instrumental solos. Girls from Years 5 and 6 recited their favourite poems and Prep and Senior School students took to the stage to showcase their vocal and instrumental skills, either individually or as part of a group. We also witnessed some amazing gymnastic routines and elegant choreographed dances, demonstrating to us just how much talent we are nurturing throughout the school.

A panel of external judges also had the difficult decision of awarding prizes to the girls competing in the non-performance events. A record turnout of Year 3 to Year 6 pupils – 82 in total – had just 30 minutes to decorate a biscuit or paper plate and we had a superb 93 entries among Senior students for clay modelling and cake decorating.

In addition, Pre-Prep girls showcased their artistic talents with some wonderful collages and paintings, while Prep girls took great delight in designing and producing bespoke T-shirts, redesigning the cover of their favourite book, and submitting a sample of their best needlework. Years 7 to 11, meanwhile, produced some really inventive photographs based on the theme ‘unusual places to find an item of school uniform’.

Well done to all the participants who demonstrated some wonderful skills and imagination in a fantastic day of showmanship. To cheers from the crowd, Ingleton House captains raised the winning trophy after gaining a grand total of 104 points. Cavendish placed second with 98 points and Tyrell House came third with 84 points.






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