Co-curricular All Seniors

Year 11 debating team wins inter-school challenge.

The Thornton debating team participated in a debating competition at Akeley Wood Senior School this week, judged by the Rt Hon Mr John Bercow, MP.

Our first team – Lee-Ann S and Inez B – proposed the difficult motion ‘This house would ban the use of fossil fuels’. Mr Bercow judged the content of their speeches, their delivery and the way they answered questions and challenged rebuttals to be better than that of the opposition from Stowe School. This secured a place in the final for Thornton. 

Our second team – Princy A and Abi B – opposed the final motion ‘This house would require any office or residential building left vacant for six months or more to be surrendered to the State for the use of social services’.  Once again, Mr Bercow judged Thornton to have made a better case, with the result that we beat Akeley School to win the competition.

All four girls should be commended for their accomplishment says English teacher Mrs Newman. ‘They prepared well, spoke with confidence and fluency, communicated well with the audience and exhibited sophisticated skills of rhetoric.’ She adds: ‘Many of the other teams’ speakers were Sixth Formers, so our Year 11 girls’ achievement is even more admirable.’

Other members of the Debating Club attended the event and many raised pertinent and intelligent questions on the different motions being debated.  It was a fantastic learning opportunity for younger debaters to see the older students in action and they also gleaned many useful tips from the excellent feedback given by Mr Bercow.






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