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The Year 9 French students have been developing their vocabulary for French ingredients, meals and recipes while studying food. As a homework task, Mrs Ferreira Thornton asked them to research French regional and national dishes and share their opinions on them. They enjoyed the task so much that they requested that they taste some of them at school.

The students made French flags and illustrated menus to be displayed on tables and our wonderful catering staff transformed the school dining room into a welcoming French-style bistro and came up with a menu based on the students’ suggestions. Pleased that there were no snails or frog legs, the girls tucked into Coq au vin, ratatouille and  beef bourguignon, with Brie, French baguettes and tasty mille-feuille for pudding.

Following on from the themed lunch, the students had an opportunity to write and speak about the whole experience and practise verbs in the perfect and imperfect tenses. Later this year, the Year 7 students will be looking at French café scenes, so once again this experience can be referenced and the girls will be able to draw on the Year 9’s menus to begin their discussions.

In other news, Mrs Eaves has been making full use of our beautiful grounds to play What’s The Time Mr Wolf? (in French of course) to help her Year 7 French students learn the time in an interactive way. This week, too, Year 10s took to the quad to practise and act out verbs like entrer, tomber, monter and retourner in the present and past tenses.



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