Senior School Misc

Senior students engage in role-play and games to learn new French vocabulary and everyday phrases.

Year 8 French students have been learning the vocabulary for different parts of the body. To aid their retention of key words and phrases, Mrs Eaves asked the girls to work in teams and put together a role-play scenario in a doctor’s surgery. In doing so, they had to commit medical terminology to heart and practise their French conversational skills by discussing certain ailments.

To kickstart another lesson, the girls’ task was to assemble a paper skeleton, label all the parts of the body they could remember, and give their skeleton a name. Mrs Eaves then allocated marks for each part of the body that was labelled with the correct spelling and article (le/la/l’/les).

Year 11s, meanwhile, have been bolstering their knowledge of French vocabulary in all things environmental. In one lesson, Mrs Ferreira Thornton gave them a selection of cards, some asking questions and others providing answers. Students had to match each question with the most appropriate answer, with a few red herrings thrown in to make it trickier! The girls will be able to take parts of these model answers through to their controlled assessments later this year.

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