Christmas at Thornton Performance/Concert

The Senior Reflection marries the Nativity story of 2,000 years ago with the modern-day refugee crisis. Is there still no room at the inn?

The Senior School’s Yuletide production this year recounted the Christmas story through a wonderful combination of narration, verse, song and drama. The girls told the traditional story with a series of poignant vignettes, moving from the arrival of Joseph and Mary in busy Bethlehem to Jesus’s birth and Herod’s persecution of the early Christians.

The Senior orchestra, in fine form, gave fantastic support to the school’s choirs, including the Chamber Choir and the Gospel Choir. Polished performances from Year 11 narrators Antoinette M and Eleanor P, plus poetry readings, also brought the tale to life. The appearance of comical camels who had got the hump because they were tired of following the star and a Fawlty Towers-like servant at the inn injected humour into the event. On a more sombre note, theatrical scenes set in modern times made us think how the real meaning of Christmas is oft forgotten, replaced by commerciality and the consumption of too much food.

Perhaps most moving of all though was how the production linked the struggles of people seeking refuge in 1st century Palestine with the refugee crisis of the 21st century. As the girls recalled the lack of room at the inn for Joseph and Mary, they asked us to confront the reality of what our world has become and how 2,000 years of civilisation appears to have effected little change. Every day, we see reports of people seeing refuge – for them too there is no room at the inn.



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