News Year 8

Year 8 students are encouraged to extend their range of reading material.

Mrs Newman has set her Year 8 English classes a brand-new challenge to galvanise the girls to shake up their traditional reading material and explore new literary genres.

In a four-pronged approach, she has asked students to:

• Read a book from a genre they have not previously read:
If they traditionally choose fantasy fiction, perhaps they could dip into murder mystery, or maybe they could swap sci-fi with action adventure, for example? Afterwards, their task is to write a letter to the author telling them their thoughts on the book.

• Read a book about another culture:
The books are written in English but they are about another culture. The girls have to come up with questions about the plot and characters and write an imaginary interview with the author.  

• Read an anthology of poetry:
It could be a collection of poems by the same author, or poems on a certain theme.

• Read a biography or autobiography:
This is an opportunity for students to find out about people they admire – still living or from the past. They’re asked to summarise what they’ve learnt about the subject of the book.

The reasoning behind this challenge, says Mrs Newman, is to get the girls to think outside the box and present their information in a format that’s different, but no less relevant, than a conventional book review. Already, Abi B has investigated the world of short stories via the book Let It Snow – three separate stories intertwined with each other. Gabrielle K, meanwhile, is reading spy-thriller Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy, a genre with which she’s not previously been familiar.



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